Vietnam University

You would like to make a semester, a entire year, or maybe few years University program in this wonderful country of Vietnam?

What is more enriching and unforgettable experience than to spend few months or few years studying abroad? Through our University program in Hanoi or Ho-Chi-Minh-City, we provide you help for register yourself in University of your choice and help you to integrate yourself to the country, including finding you the best place to live with others students roommates as you. Let’s enjoy Vietnamese way of life and expand your horizons with us!


You will remind all your life about your academic experience in Vietnam for few reasons:

  • Vietnam is a fast economic growing which has a lot of things to bring and learn you;
  • Cost of living is very cheap in Vietnam compared to the western countries;
  • It is easy to match your academic programs for credit in our partner universities;
  • You will benefit from unlimited exchange opportunities available to students;
  • You will meet people from all over the globe;
  • You will be integrated in this wonderful Vietnamese culture and its inhabitants.

Teaching environment in Vietnam means that classes are small and highly personalized, allowing students having access to academic internationally qualified staff but also staff members with extensive industry-relevant experience. Teaching staff comes from a wide range of countries including France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Taking part in our University program in Vietnam involves studying for one semester or few years at our partner University campus in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. You could choose what place suits you the best according to your needs.


Our school partner has an excellent reputation in management education for more than 20 years in Vietnam, with 15% of students in international Masters in Management programs from European business school and universities. By choosing this school, you could follow the courses in English or in French. Nowadays, the school welcomes 300 new students per year and has 610 students currently in its programs. You could choose between follow the program in Ho-Chi-Minh-City or in Hanoi.

  • HANOI - Capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Capital of Vietnam, founded in XIth century, Hanoi hosts, besides ministries and other governmental bodies, many companies, banks and industries. With the presence of large industrial parks and the rapid development of the entire local economy, the demand of qualified jobs is in rise and young graduates of high quality programs could expect multiplying career opportunities.
A place of knowledge and culture – one finds here the Temple of Literature of XIth century, the oldest university in Vietnam – Hanoi is a city pleasant to live in, with the image of small streets of the ancient quarter or numerous lakes and parks which traverse the city.

  • HO CHI MINH CITY - Economic capital of Vietnam

Founded in the 18th century, Ho-Chi-Minh-City is known as the economic center of the country. Profiting from its economic growth, Ho-Chi-Minh-City and its area contribute a third to the GDP of Vietnam. Being an economic and financial platform, in the industrialization and modernization, the city plays a key role in the development and integration process of the country, and numerous career opportunities are opened to the young graduates of high quality programs.


Through our school partner, we offer 3 divisions adapted to each individual and each level in studies:

1.   MBA program

  • Objectives

Our MBA program and specialized Master program will provide you courses in international business, logistics & supply chain, tourism management, international marketing, human resource management, finance, information management system and others specific fields all related to the management stage. Program lasts 20 months and starts in October. The courses take place the evenings and week-ends.
Through your time at school, you could participate to a lot of events to enhance your network, as professional conferences and workshops
At the end of this program, you will be a real international expert.

First year : Management fundamentals – Integration seminar, marketing, accounting, business statistics, organizational behavior, human resources management, supply chain management…
Second year : Advanced courses – International opening: research methodology, project management, financial markets, negotiation and methodology, entrepreneurship, consulting, mission creation…

  • Your  profile

To attend to this program, you should:

  • Have a Bachelor degree in economic;
  • Have a precise career plan;
  • Wish to have a European and Vietnamese experience while getting two renowned degrees;
  • Be a talented linguist who wants to acquire management techniques and develop his foreign languages’ skills at the same time;
  • Have a background in economic field (at University or almost 2 years of professional experience).

Before integrating this school, you will have to pass the test GMAT or TAGE-MAGE for French students and the national exam in August. Then, you will have an interview with the school in September. You will know after that if your file is accepted.

2.   Tailor made Masters for professionals

MMSS – specialization in Marketing

  • Objectives

This master is a specialized program in marketing taking into account the existing and future needs of companies. Through this program, students will master a complete range of tools and techniques in a part time program designed for professionals.

The courses focus on corporate issues and professional skills with a truly international context and a pedagogy based on interactive learning. This 16 months program is a real opportunity for you to develop research and consultancy skills though a part-time program based on evening and week-end classes that allows you to pursue your career. All the courses are in English and starts in October.

  • Your  profile

To attend to this program, you should :

  • Be a young high potential manager with significant experiences in Marketing (marketing, communication, sales & services);
  • Be eager to develop your professional skills and fast-track your career;
  • Be a marketing executive wishing to update and consolidate your knowledge with the latest marketing tools & techniques;
  • Be a general Manager or engineer wanting to have an indepth understanding of Market forces and dynamics and how to master them.

Before integrating this school, you will have to pass an interview in July. You will know after that if your file is accepted.

MEBF – specialization in Finance

  • Objectives

This program is a faculty made up of international (80%) and local experts which will bring you a degree delivered by world-class institutions.
Through this 16 month truly international program, you will enhance your skills in a complete range of Finance tools and techniques thanks to innovative teaching methods : case studies, group work, simulations…
This part-time program with evening and week-end classes allows you to pursue your career

  • Your profile

The program requires at least 3 years of professional experience. It is principally designed for Finance executives intending to update and consolidate their knowledge about the latest tools of corporate and market finance. However we also encourage applications from general managers and engineers working closely with the financial sector and wanting to gain an in-depth  understanding of financial markets.

Before integrating this school, you will have to pass an interview in July. You will know after that if your file is accepted.

3.   PhD Doctoral Program

  • Objectives

This program is a rigorous academic training dedicated to extend knowledge and enhance both academic and private careers thanks to a dynamic learning environment during the doctoral school, great opportunities to meet and be supervised by professors from 4 leading European Universities and Business Schools, the support from prestigious Vietnamese universities (NEU and the University of Economics HCMC), a faculty of international professors to assure the coverage of most management research areas and a schedule well-suited for part-time students.

  • Your  profile

To attend to this program, you should:

  • Be a candidates with a master degree looking for a top-quality research program in Vietnam;
  • Be a University lecturer wishing to develop your research activities.

Once your application is reviewed and selected, you will be invited to attend an interview with the selection committee in September.


Language package includes:

  • Course materials and registration fees;
  • Courses with certified teachers and no more than 20 students per class;
  • Final examination administered by the school to obtain the certificate;
  • Accommodation in a shared house with others international foreigners like you. (4/6 people maximum per house);
  • Internship Vietnam correspondent’s welcome at arrival;
  • Transfer from airport to your house at arrival;
  • A welcoming pack, including a sim card;
  • Your follow-up and the availabiliy of our correspondant in Vietnam;
  • One organized party by month with the others Vietnam Internship students or trainees in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.



Our price is divided into 3 parts:

  • Vietnam Internship processing fee: 60 €
  • The University courses:
MBA Program (2 years) 7 261,70 
Tailor made Masters for professionals (16 months) MMSS 7 863,30 
MEBF 8 550,80 
Doctoral Program (1 year) 4 521,10 
  • Accommodation in a shared house:  100 €
    ** This price does not included your monthly rent which will be between 200€ and 250€ according to the place where the house is located. We try in all the cases to find something located as close as possible to your school. 


If you want to apply to our Vietnam University Program, you will have to pay the Vietnam Internship application fee first for the studying of your file. As we get your payment, we will study your file and ask you some documents or information regarding the program you selected.
Then, if your fill is accepted by the school, you will have to pay the program you selected. Eventually, before leaving your country for Vietnam, you could pay the last sum concerning the accommodation.


If you recognize yourself in our Vietnam University Program, please apply through our application form on the appropriate tab and just follow the instructions.


** Feel free to contact us if you have any question by fill in the form on the part dedicated to that.